How to Use Touch on a Non-primary Display

Ubi Sales -

When you use Ubi sensor frame on a primary display it works automatically and send the touch input to the correct display. 

However if your Ubi sensor frame-enabled display is not a primary display, it is not that simple. You will see that when you touch your display the touch input appears on the primary display instead.  This is especially a problem in Windows 7.  

Here is a quick fix to that.


1. Make sure that Ubi sensor frame is plugged in. Make sure the Display with sensor frame is not a primary display.

2. Launch Control Panel->Tablet Settings -> Setup

3. A calibration window will now popup on the primary screen. Keep pressing "Enter" key until it shows up on your Ubi sensor frame enabled display.

4. Now tap the display with your finger to indicate that this is the touch screen display. Press "enter" to confirm and finish the set up.

Your touch input now should show up on the correct display.



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