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Ubi released new Ubi emitter Ubi-EMT-002 in November 2016 which is way better than the previous one (read more...). 

Assuming you have created an 80" display on a flat surface and mounted the Ubi camera at the proper place, you can follow the instruction below to setup the emitter for finger touch interaction. 

You will need the following items to setup the emitter.

  • Ubi Emitter Unit
  • 1m USB cable
  • USB Power adapter
  • Metal plate with screws
  • 5m USB extension cable (optional)
  • L-shape alloy wrench (optional)

Mounting the emitter

The new emitter has magnets on its back. On metallic whiteboards, you can just place it on the whiteboard. For non metallic whiteboard/walls/tables, tape or screw the metallic base plate on the surface. You can then simply place the emitter on it. With either solution, the emitter needs to be about 2 inches (5 cm) above the projection image.

Powering up the emitter

Plug the power adapter to the power socket. Power up the emitter with USB cable. You can use the extension cord if necessary.

Verify the emitter alignment

All emitters are aligned in the factory. To verify if the emitter is aligned with your surface, you just need to place the markers at the bottom left and right corners of the projection image. Turn on the red light emitter from the switch at the right side. If you see the red light reflects from both markers, then you are good to go. You can jump to "Using the emitter" section.

Aligning the emitter

If you have to align the emitter, you just need to open the cap. You will see three knobs. You can tilt the emitter in all degrees by turning the knob. If the left and right emitter is not aligned, use the bottom two knobs to make sure the visible light is hitting both the markers at the same time. If the visible light is hitting the surface, you can use the top knob to tilt it out or vice versa. You can turn this knob with hand or the L-shape alloy wrench.

Using the emitter

Once the emitter is aligned properly. You can turn off the visible light. Place the cap back on. Then you are ready to go. Normally you never need to align the emitter again. Next time you can just launch the Ubi software and start interaction.

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