Why is the new emitter better ?

Ubi Support -

The new emitter is designed to make the set up much easier and faster

  • It has magnets on its back, which means no more screws. On metallic whiteboards, you can just place it on the whiteboard. For non metallic whiteboard/walls/tables, we provide a base plate that you can stick on the surface. You can then simply place the emitter on it. 
  • Emitter is now powered with a USB cable, which means you can extend it longer if needed. The cable can be detached from the adapter.
  • A visible feedback on emitter alignment. The emitter now has a visible red laser, which shows where exactly the emitter is pointing to. This help you align the emitter faster.

  • It has three knobs to align emitter. Instead of tilting the emitter with the screws, you can now just turn the three knobs to make sure emitter is aligned. It will take you just a couple of minutes to get the perfect alignment for your surface.

  • Higher power for emitters : The emitters comes with higher power which means the precision at the bottom of the screen is much better.
  • It is smaller and aesthetically better.
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