Adjust Sensitivity

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Adjust sensitivity will bring your interaction experience up to another level. We highly recommend you adjust at least once when you have a new setup. 

Before you perform the adjust sensitivity, Please make sure your emitter is attached to the surface firmly and is perfectly parallel to the surface. If not, you might not be able to fine tune the setup. You can read these two articles "mount emitter with screws" and "mount emitter with tape" to learn how to mount emitter properly.

During adjust sensitivity step, there will be red cross-hairs showing up across the screen. Touch and hold the center of the cross-hair with your finger until it disappears and another one shows up. 




How to turn on adjust sensitivity?

Starting from Ubi 5.3, adjust sensitivity is part of the quick calibration process. For Ubi 5.2 and below, you can turn adjust sensitivity on from UbiService->Setting->Advanced Settings->Calibration

The cross-hair doesn't move.

Make sure the emitter has been turned on and placed parallel to the surface. If unsure, go back and readjust the emitter.

Make sure the camera or projector hasn't been touched or moved after calibration. If unsure, go back and recalibrate.

Make sure your body is not blocking the camera view so camera can see your finger tip.

Contact us if you have any question or hard time setting up the system. 

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