Mount Emitter with Screws Overview

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Mounting emitter with screws will guarantee a great performance over long time. We highly recommend using screws whenever possible.

The emitter drops an infrared curtain in front of the display which, when intercepted with your finger, signals a touch event. The interaction surface must be absolutely flat and stable (hanging canvas won't work). 

For Ubi Emitter v2

  1. Screw the emitter base plate 2 inches above the display
  2. Snap the emitter unit on the base plate.
  3. Tilt the emitter unit using the three knobs.
  4. Verify the setup and interact.

For Ubi Emitter v1

Below are the steps to mount emitter with screws.

  1. Drill four small mounting holes.
  2. Paste emitter with mounting holes aligned.
  3. Tilt the emitter by hand to make it parallel to surface.
  4. Screw the emitter once the position is found.
  5. Verify the setup and interact.

A generic instruction is here:

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