What is in the Ubi Touch Kit Box?

Ubi Support -

Currently Ubi offers 2 different packages. Please read the article below to find out what is in each package. Please contact our sales@ubi-interactive.com immediately if you found anything missing in your package.


Package 1: Ubi touch kit with integrated arm

What is inside the Ubi box ?

  1. Integrated arm
  2. Base for integrated arm
  3. USB cable for integrated arm
  4. Emitter
  5. Power Adapter for Emitter
  6. USB cable for Emitter
  7. Markers
  8. Wand
  9. Pen
  10. Metallic plate


Package 2: Ubi touch kit for ultra-short throw projectors

What is inside the Ubi box ?

  1. Camera
  2. Pen
  3. Camera USB cable
  4. Emitter
  5. Emitter USB cable
  6. Emitter power adapter
  7. Metal plate
  8. Wand
  9. Markers




Please contact sales@ubi-interactive.com if you need any components for this package.



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