How to Modify Ubi Configuration File

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Please do this only if you are specifically instructed by our support team to do so.

Please read these articles to learn more on how to customize Ubi.

You can customize Ubi by editing the Ubi Configuration xml file.  

Step 1: Close Ubi Application

Step 2: Locate the config file

Open Windows Explorer (Windows + E key) and copy/paste the following path in the address bar:


Step 3: Edit the config file

Right click on ubiEngineConfig.xml and open  in Notepad. Following parameters can be set. Save and close the file once you are done.

Tag Value Function
<IgnoreKinect> True Will not start Ubi when Kinect is connected.
<IgnoreKinect> Fals Will start Ubi when Kinect is connected.
Calibration Method 0  Step by Step
 Calibration Method  Standard
 Calibration Method  Auto
 Calibration Method  Skip
 Calibration Method  Manual calibration
 ShowMenu True UbiMenu will show up
 ShowMenu False UbiMenu will be hidden.
 EnableVisual True Green Blue visual dots will show up.
 EnableVisual False Green Blue visual dots will be hidden.
 Resizable True User can resize Ubi application to calibrate part of the screen.
 Resizable False Calibrate the whole screen.
InvertX True X axis is inverted. For rear projection.
InvertX False  
InjectionMode 0 Ubi will function as touch screen.
InjectionMode 1 Ubi will function as a mouse.
InjectionMode 2 Ubi will function as digitizer.
HideGestureHint True A visual hint will be shown at the bottom of the page
HideGestureHint False No hint will be shown at the bottom of the page

Step 4: Restart Ubi.


Here is an extract of the config file:


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