How does Ubi compare with portable interactive solutions

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The famous wi-mote interactive project has spawned lot of commercial products that make any flat surface interactive with a special IR pen. 

The biggest attractions of these products are

  • Price: They are very inexpensive often between $100-300
  • Size: They are small and easy to carry around.

When you compare Ubi with these products, the advantages of Ubi stand out pretty easily. As you know Ubi sensor can work alone with Ubi pen ( without the Touch emitter). In this pen only setup, the form factor and size and price of Ubi sensor is very comparable to these products. However Ubi stil has some sinificant advantages

  • Automatic calibration: Ubi does not require you to click through points to calibrate. The calibration is performed automatically by the software, saving you time and effort.
  • Camera preview: Ubi provides a live preview of the camera view. This makes it very easy to place the sensor at the appropriate location where it can see the whole display.
  • Wide view angle: Ubi sensor can see a large display at a fairly close distance. It can then practically look over the user's shoulders, making occlusion practically absent.
  • Flexibility in setup : Ubi sensor can be placed on a table in front of the display, mounted on a projector, attached on a TV screen.
  • Apps for Education : A collection of free and simple to use education apps comes bundled with Ubi – Ubi Camera, Ubi Annotation, Shaerable Webwhiteboard, Ubi Hub. 
  • Minimal latency: Ubi's latency in interaction is so minimal that you will see no lag between your interaction and a click or writing happening.
  • Support for touch gestures : Ubi supports all Windows touch getsures. 
  • Ability to upgrade with finger touch: By just adding a touch emitter, you can always upgrade your setup to support finger touch.
  • Ability to support multiple interactions at the same time: You can interact with up to 20 pens at the same time. 


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