Ubi Web Whiteboard

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Ubi Web Whiteboard allows multiple people to annotate on the same whiteboard from different computers, locations. Here is how you can use it.

On the first computer, if you are using Ubi sensor, you can start Web Whiteboard from the Ubi Menu, otherwise you can start Web Whiteboard from UbiApps.

Once the Whiteboard application is started, you can click "New" to create a new web whiteboard. 

In order to share the whiteboard, you can click the "Share" icon on the left.

Then you click the "Invite to board" button.

Now you can share the "ID" to other user.

From the other computer, you start UbiApps (Download from here) and then start Web Whiteboard.


You type in the "ID" on the textbox and click "Join"

Then you and your team can annotate on the same whiteboard at the same time.

There is not limitation on how many user can join the board. The board is saved for 2 hours and you can go back to the board by clicking "Resume".



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