Mount emitter with tape

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Mounting emitter with tape is a temporary solution. Please follow the steps below carefully. If you are using Ubi emitter v1, please scroll down for the instruction.

For Ubi Emitter V2

  1. Paste the transparent base tape to the wall 2 inches above the display. (This is important. Otherwise you might damage the wall when removing emitters from the wall after the test.)
  2. Paste the metallic base plate on the wall.
  3. Snap the emitter unit on the base plate.
  4. Remove the cover from the emitter unit.
  5. Turn on the visible light switch from the side of the emitter.
  6. Place the markers at the dotted circle specified by the application. (Normally at the corners far from the emitter)
  7. Adjust the emitter tilt by using the top knob, you will see a visible red light shooting parallel to the surface. Tilt it until the red light hits the markers.
  8. Use the bottom two knobs if needed to tilt left and right.
  9. Continue to adjust sensitivity when both cross hairs shows up.
  10. Put the cover back to the emitter unit. Turn off the visible light and you can continue to finish the setup.


For Ubi Emitter V1 (Black and silver casing)

1) Paste the transparent base tape to the wall. (This is important. Otherwise you might damage the wall when removing emitters from the wall after the test.)

2) Peel off the double-sided tape from the emitter.

3) Paste emitter firmly on the base tape.

4) Power up the emitter and place two markers at the two corners.

5) Continue to camera infrared view step (a step with a square black window in the middle.)

6) Tilt the emitter by hand very slowly so cross hairs show up on two markers.

7) You might need to wedge the emitter with a small piece of paper provided in the package to secure its position and angle. 

8) Touch the everywhere on the display to make sure finger is detect precisely.


Important Information

  • Emitter mounted with tape might move after certain period of time and you could see ghost pointer or dead area in the screen. If you absolutely have to use tape for permanent installation, please contact us at for assistance.
  • Please use the tape provided in the package. If you run out of the tape, please avoid thick tapes, because the thick tapes will lift the emitter away from the wall, which will create noticeable offset and trailing effect. 



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