How does Ubi compare against Smartboards and Activboards ?

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We often hear from educators and IT staff who have had a good run with Smart board and Activboards, but are now ready to move on.



They have seen the value of a digital whiteboard in their classrooms, but are aware that these old-fashioned products no longer work for them. The reasons of their frustration range from its lack of stability and precision, complexity of tools to high cost of maintenance. 

The main advantages Ubi has over smartboards are

  • Ubi does not require any special surface unlike smartboard. This means that it, works on a regular whiteboard and wall and you do not have to worry about scratches on the surface
  • Ubi is easy to calibrate: Unlike smartboard Ubi supports automatic calibration which means more time for teaching and less time for setting up the tech.
  • Ubi is more cost effective. We do not have any binding subscription plans, installation fees or training fees. From a total cost of ownership perspective it is much more affordable to the school.   

But whenever they think of migrating from the boards to a new technology, they are worried mainly about two aspects .

  • What happens to all the content I have created in Smart Notebook ?
  • What about all the other infrastructure, projectors and PCs and speakers, we have already deployed in the classroom ?

Well, you no longer have to worry about it. Ubi offers a great way to convert your smart classroom to an engaging, interactive smarter classroom.

Keep the hardware

First of all, you can keep all the hardware that you already own. Ubi works with your existing projectors. You can even mount Ubi camera straight on the projector, in many cases.
It also works with existing smart surfaces, except that we will just use it as a projection surface now. So please feel to take off all the messy cables. You can mount ubi emitter directly onto the smart surface.Your PC and your audio system can stay too.

Keep your content

Ubi lets you interact with any application that is on your PC. Yes, that means all those lesson plans you spent hours on are still usable. You can keep using Smart Notebook or ActivInspire with Ubi.



Beyond all of this, there is something else we are most proud of. We believe that we have the most caring, knowledgeable support team that always remember you are our priority. We never charge you for support and training. We are very hands on getting you off your feet with Ubi. We are always there to take care of you if something breaks, even if it has nothing to do with Ubi. We make it our priority that we get you replacement hardware immediately if you need. Our unique simple-hardware intelligent-software approach makes it incredibly easy to maintain ubi. Our frequent software updates and feature improvements makes sure that you always have the best experience. 

And I left the best news to the end. You can turn your Smart classroom to a smarter classroom for as little as $341. So, why wait ?

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