Use Multiple Ubi Cameras

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If your display is larger than 100 inches, you can use multiple cameras and emitters to cover the entire display. See the picture below for such a sample set up. (You need to use Enterprise edition to use this feature). For the most optimal placement of cameras and emitters, please contact us. We can help you ensure, the best interaction experience using the least amount of hardware.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Find a PC that has multiple USB controllers. (Caution: USB controller is not USB port.) The number of USB controllers should match the number of cameras you need to use. Download this application USB View and Follow this instruction to verify)
  2. Download the latest Ubi and install on the PC.
  3. Label camera and USB controllers (with color or labels). Always connect the matching camera and controllers in the future.
  4. Make sure all the cameras are disconnected from PC.
  5. Start Ubi from Windows Start menu. UbiService window will show up.
  6. Go to Setting -> Advanced->Show Advanced Setting and choose  
    • Calibration -> Calibration Area ->Resizable
    • Calibration -> Duplicate or Extend -> Extended
    • Hardware -> Multiple camera.
    • Click Save.
  7. Connect first camera to the matching port. Ubi Main App will start.
  8. Resize and Drag Ubi Main App to cover the area you want to interact.
  9. Choose "Standard Setup" and follow the in-app instruction to mount the camera and emitter.
  10. Test interaction after calibration. If the interaction is accurate and stable, Quit Ubi from UbiMenu, disconnect the first camera and connect the second camera and repeat the steps 9 - 11.
  11. Repeat and calibrate all the cameras one by one.
  12. Once all the cameras are calibrated, disconnect all cameras, go to UbiService and click Settings -> Skip Calibrate -> Save, so you don't need to calibrate next time.
  13. If you want to hide the Ubi floating menu, Go to Setting -> Advanced->Show Advanced Setting and choose UbiMenu -> Menu-> Hide
  14. Connect cameras back to the matching port. Multiple Ubi application will start and minimize automatically.
  15. Touch the display to verify the points are detected across the whole interaction area.
  16. If the UbiMenu is hidden, you need to quit Ubi from the UbiService.
  17. If you feel one camera doesn’t detect the gesture very well, you can follow troubleshooting item 1 below.

You can restart the machine to test if all calibration data are saved.



If you want to recalibrate one camera, you need to unplug all the cameras and just connect the target camera, and go to UbiService->Setting->Standard calibrate and do the calibration. Once it is calibrated, change to UbiService->Setting->Skip Calibrate.

If one camera is not detected by Ubi, disconnect and connect it back.

If Ubi main app does not start when camera is connected, check in TaskManager and make sure there is no Ubi4Ubi.exe is running. If there is one, select the process and end process. After that, reconnect the camera.

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