How to use Ubi Hub with Ubi Sensor

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Ubi Hub is a great new feature that we added in both Ubi sensor app and Ubi Standalone app suite. It essentially turns your PC to an Apple TV or Chromecast or Miracast with interactivity. With just one click, you can wirelessly project individual team member’s laptops to any touch screen and interact with the content directly on the touch screen. You can then together create and share.




Here is how you set it up.

Installing Software

On your machine that is connected to Ubi sensor (lets call it Ubi Hub server)  please download and install the latest version of Ubi. If you have already activated Ubi on this machine, your license will be automatically detected. 

On the lap top ( let us call it Ubi Hub client ) that you want to connect to this server, please download and install the UbiHubClient application. These are stand alone apps, that do not require Ubi sensor.
Connecting to Network

Once you have done this make sure that both PC and server are connected to the same wifi / network. For Ubi Hub to work, there is no need to have internet connection. 

Start Ubi Hub Server
Once you have calibrated your Ubi touch display and Ubi is running on the server, click on your Ubi menu icon.You will see a Ubi Hub icon there. Click on it.
In the window that pops up, choose the option, Use as "Ubi Hub". You can remember this choice for future. 
You will now be taken to a window, where you will see the IP address of this Ubi Hub server.
Your Ubi Hub server is now ready. You just need to wait for the client to connect now. 
Start Ubi Hub Client
Launch UbiHubClient the client laptop, enter the address of your Ubi Server and your Windows Password as shown below. Click Connect.
You will now see the content of your laptop on the Ubi touch display. Please note that you will be locked out of the client PC now. You will be able to access the client PC only via Ubi Hub server now. You can unlock the client PC anytime, if needed, but that will disconnect the client from Ubi Hub server.
You can control the client PC just like you are connected directly to it. You can also copy-paste content including files between the two machines. Anytime you want to close the connection, you can click on the disconnect button. 


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