Using Ubi Sensor and Kinect Sensor

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Using Ubi Sensor and Kinect Xbox One Sensor (In-Air Gesture) simultaneously

This feature allows you to control the display at far distance by in-air gesture and touch the display when you walk up to the screen.

This feature is available for 5.2+ Trial and Enterprise Edition

First time setup:

  1. Disconnect all sensors from computer.
  2. Start UbiService and go to Settings->Calibration->Choose Step by Step Calibration ->Save.
  3. Go to Settings->Advanced Setting-> Hardware-> Support Multiple Camera-> Choose Multiple Cameras->Save
  4. Connect only Kinect for Xbox One sensor to computer and follow the in-app guide to setup and test.
  5. Disconnect Kinect sensor, quit UbiService. Plug in Ubi Sensor alone, start UbiService and follow the in-app guide to setup.

Configure for permanent setup:

  1. Disconnect all sensors.
  2. Start UbiService and go to Setting->Calibration (Choose Auto Calibration if your projector or UbiSensor can move. Choose Skip Calibration if Projector and Ubi Sensor is fixed permanently.)
  3. Go to Setting->Advanced Setting->Hide Menu->Save and Quit UbiService.
  4. (optional: if you want to hide the guidance windows and ubimenu) Go C:\Users\Public\Documents\ubi\config and add  <HideGestureHint>true</HideGestureHint>
    <HideGuidedMode>true</HideGuidedMode>  <StartInterval>5</StartInterval>
  5. Plug in all sensors and restart UbiService. Then You are good to go. 

You can find more information about Kinect in-air gesture here.


Switch between Ubi Sensor and Kinect Sensor

This feature allows you to use either touch or in-air gesture at a time.

The latest Ubi software (4.8+) supports both Ubi camera and Kinect camera (but not simultaneously, you can use one sensor at a time.) In order to switch from one sensor to another, and even choose different interaction mode (touch vs in-air), you need to

  1. Stop Ubi and disconnect sensors
  2. Start UbiService
  3. Click "Settings"
  4. Choose "Step by Step Calibration"
  5. Save
  6. Plug in the sensor and follow the instructions.

You can find more information about Kinect in-air gesture here.



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