Long Throw Camera - Placing Camera Far Away

Ubi Support -

Ideally the Ubi camera should be placed very close to the display to avoid shadow, that is why we ship "ultra short throw" camera in our standard package. But sometimes for setup like "tabletop", you might want to put the camera far away from the display to "hide" the camera. In this case, you should order a "long throw" camera from us.

Once you receive the long throw camera, you just need to configure Ubi to run with different parameters. Here are the steps (applies to Ubi 4.8+):

  1. Quit Ubi.
  2. Start UbiService
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click "Adavanced" tab
  5. Click "Hardware".
  6. Check "Long Throw Camera"
  7. Save and Quit.
  8. Restart Ubi and you can calibrate and use as usual.

Please contact us if you need any support.


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