Cannot start Ubi

Ubi Support -

If you try to start Ubi from Windows Start menu, or click the "Start" button in UibService and nothing is showing up, then it could be either:

  1. Other user account is using Ubi (only happens to Ubi 4.7 and below).
  2. Ubi or UbiService is hanging in the background.

For scenarios 1, you will have to login to other account and quit UbiService from there. 

For scenario 2, you will have to kill UbiService and Ubi from the Task Manager and restart Ubi. Please follow the instruction below.

  • Right click on the task bar and select "Task Manager"
  • Click the "Details" tab
  • Select "Ubi" and "UbiService" process.
  • Click "End Task"
  • Then you can restart Ubi from Start menu.

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