How to determine if the Ubi sensor is not turning on the emitter

Ubi Support -

After calibration, the Ubi Sensor should turn on the emitter to enable touch interaction. The light on the emitter will turn from red to a faint blue once the Ubi Sensor turns it on.  If this does not occur, please follow these steps to confirm that the Ubi Sensor is not turning on the emitter.

1. If you are using Window 8 or 10, open the Windows Camera app.  You can search for it by simply typing "camera"

2. Connect the Ubi Sensor to your PC.

3. In the camera app, switch the camera being used to the Ubi Camera.  Use the switch camera icon on the top or bottom right side of the UI. The name of Ubi Camera is USB PC 2.0 Camera.

4. Once the camera app detects the Ubi Camera, the light on the emitter should turn from red to faint blue. If the camera is pointing to the emitter, you can also see a bright straight light emitting from the emitter.

If this does not occur, either the Ubi camera or the emitter is not working correctly.  Please contact Ubi support to get a replacement camera.

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