Is Ubi right for me?

Ubi Support -

Ubi can be used to turn most surfaces into interactive touch screens; however, please review the following requirements before purchasing Ubi.  

1. I have a flat, solid surface on which to create an interactive display.  

Note: Ubi cannot be used with a pull down projection screen.

2. I will be creating an interactive display between 80 and 120 inches diagonally.

3. I do not need Ubi to be portable.

Note: Please contact us to learn more about portable setup options.

4. I can place the emitter (touch module) directly on the surface I want to make interactive.

Note: If you are using a whiteboard, the emitter must be placed on the whiteboard and not on the beveled edge.

5. I will be able to mount the Ubi sensor according to one of the following setups shown below.

Note: The camera should be about 30 inches from the display.

6. For those who want to make a whiteboard interactive: I will be able to adjust my projection display so that it fits within the whiteboard.

If you unable to meet most of these requirements please contact us so we can discuss how Ubi can meet your needs.

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