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Touch vs In-Air Mode (Beta)

Touch Mode

In Touch Mode, you can interact with the display as if it were a touch screen using your finger, hand or the Ubi pen. If you are using Kinect for Xbox 360 sensor or Kinect for Windows V1 sensor, you have to touch the wall with your whole palm. If you are using the Kinect for Xbox One sensor or another 3D camera, you can touch the wall with your finger. The sensor can be placed 0.5 - 2 meters from the surface and make sure your hand or the Ubi's pen tip is visible to the sensor.

In-Air Mode (Beta)

We are beta testing In-Air Gesture mode. The In-Air Gestures mode allows you to interact with Ubi using pre-defined in-air gestures. The interaction zone is a physical space that spans slightly to the left side of the body to the right side and from the head to slightly above the hips. The sensor should be placed 1-3 meters in front of the user. Ideally, your entire body should be visible to the sensor. In air gesture mode supports up to two users (4 hands) simultaneously.

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