Color calibration failed

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How to calibrate Ubi

In order to calibrate successfully, the 3D Camera has to see all the dots projected on the display.

1. Connect the projector to your PC to create a display.

Note: Please do not use hanging canvas or any movable objects. If you would like to calibrate an LCD display, please contact to know if your 3D Camera is supported.


2. Make sure the whole display is visible to the 3D Camera. Adjust the position and the view angle of the 3D Camera if necessary.

Note: If you are using Kinect for Xbox 360 sensor or Kinect for Windows V1 sensor, you can use the blue track bar to tilt the Kinect up and down.

3. Please make sure the display is bright enough and has enough contrast. Adjust the settings of the projector and the room lighting if necessary. The images below show that only some of the dots are detected by Ubi (Marked as green). The area with dots not marked as green indicates that there could be too much lighting, bad contrast or reflection from light. You have to change the lighting in the room or adjust the brightness and constrast of your projector.


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