Calibration Options

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Once the emitter is in its final position, you have completed the setup process. You will be prompted to choose how you would like to calibrate the next time you use Ubi.


You can also access it from Ubi service. Launch Ubi Service by clicking on the Ubi icon in the system tray. Then click on Settings. The window shown below will popup.

Step by Step Calibration 

This is the default way of calibration. It will guide you through step by stp instructions on how to set up and calibrate Ubi.


If you have created a permanent setup, you can choose Auto-calibrate so that Ubi automatically calibrates.

Quick calibrate (Standard Calibration)

If you are going to change your setup, you can choose Quick Calibration which will take you directly to the camera preview step.

Skip calibrate

Ubi will skip the calibration altogether and use the data from previous session. This can be useful if your display and camera remains in the same physical position permanently. 





Point calibration and Advanced Point Calibration

There are two more calibration methods called Point Calibrate and Advanced Point calibration. In these methods, you will click through 16 dots to let Ubi know where the display is. You will need to use this only under the following scenarios.

  • The lighting of the display is so bad, Ubi is failing to detect the display position.
  • There is significant offset during interaction that needs to be corrected.

If you wish to use these methods please contact and we will explain it in detail.


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