Sensor Too Far

Ubi Support -

The 3D Camera is too far away from the surface

1. You have to place the 3D Camera about 0.6 - 2.1 meters or 30 - 80 inches from the surface as shown below. Please move the 3D Camera closer to the display.


2. Make sure the whole display is visible to the 3D Camera. If your display is too large and the 3D Camera cannot calibrate, please move the projector closer to create a smaller display.

3. The largest display Ubi can support is 110 inches diagonal. If you display is larger than 110 inches, please contact and we might have other solutions for you.


4. If want to use Ubi with a reflective surface such as an LCD display, please contact to learn if your 3D Camera will work with LCD display.

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