Run Ubi in Extended Screens

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By default Ubi will duplicate your screen. You can disable the duplication by following  steps described below. (Applicable to Ubi 4.7 and above.)

If you dont have the latest Ubi, just update your Ubi from UbiService or contact

Steps to make Ubi run without duplicating your screen.

  1. Quit Ubi if Ubi is running. (Verify in TaskManager that all Ubi applications are closed).
  2. Go to UbiService application.
  3. Click the "Setting" button.
  4. Click "Advanced'
  5. Click "Show Advanced Setting"
  6. Click "Calibrate"
  7. Choose "Extended" Display and "Resizable"extend_resizable.png
  8. Click "Save".
  9. Quit UbiService.
  10. Extend your screen.
  11. Restart Ubi application and drag the Ubi application to the extended screen and cover up the whole display.

Please reach out to use directly if you need any help. 

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