Ubi 3.3.1 Release Notes

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 Release Notes - Ubi - Version Ubi 3.3

Date: 5/20

** New in Version 3.3
  • Guided mode for in air gestures
    • Instructions for how to engage with the system and how to perform each in-air gesture now appears at the bottom of your screen.  
  • Ubi runs faster
    • Ubi is now set as a "high priority" resource
  • Users can now quit Ubi through Ubi Service
** Improvements
  • Updated tutorial videos
  • Check for updates without restarting UbiService
  • Further optimizations to Ubi's workflow
  • Add support of High DPI display
  • Added "Calibrate" button back to UbiService + Other UI changes
** Known issues
  • Shiny objects such as a shiny bracelet or watch may cause ghost pointers when using Pen with Xbox sensor on a very reflective projection surface (like a white board).
  • The tilting function might fail due to a bug in Kinect for Windows SDK. Unplug and replug the sensor if you want to use the tilting function.
  • Noise might occur on the left boundary of the screen. Restart Ubi if ghost pointers are present.
  • Sunlight can interfere with the 1st generation Kinect.
  • Running Ubi without admin mode ON, interaction will not work with the Ubi menu and with certain windows on
  • If a user is in metro mode while the sensor is connecting, Ubi will not take him to the desktop mode. This will also cause calibration failure, if auto-calibration is enabled.
  • When running Ubi without admin mode ON, the visual feedback will appear but you will not be able to interact. 
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