Pen Interaction Tips

Kenny Raymond -

Tip #1: Make sure the tip of the pen is visible to the sensor.

It is very easy to forget that the Ubi solution is not a literal touch screen, like your phone or tablet. In order for the interaction to occur, the sensor needs to be able to see the Ubi pen. If your body is blocking the Kinect’s vision, it will not trigger any response to your pen interactions. It is also important to hold the pen at an angle so that the tip is visible to the Kinect. If you mount the sensor close to the display, it reduces the chance of these problems happening. When the sensor has a top-down view, it can see more of the display when you are standing in front of it.

Tip #2: Buy the Ubi Sensor

The Ubi Sensor allows for the best performance with Ubi. It is strongly recommended you use this sensor. It enables the most accurate, responsive, and fluid interaction experience.

Tip #3 Annotate anything with Ubi's annotation tool located in the Ubi menu.

Anything that appears on your screen can be annotated with the Ubi annotation tool. Just click on the Ubi icon in the Ubi menu and select annotation. From there you can annotate anything on your display. If you want to save your annotations, simply take a screenshot by tapping the "save annotations" button in the Ubi menu.

Tip #4 Use Microsoft's annotation tool.

During PowerPoint presentations you can use the PowerPoint annotation tool by tapping the screen and selecting the annotation icon. From this menu, you can change colors and writing utensils as well. At the end of the presentation, you will be given an option to save or discard your annotations to the presentation slides. In OneNote documents, annotate by selecting "Draw with touch" in the Draw menu.

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