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Starting from Ubi 3.2.0, Ubi can run without admin privilege. It can be handy when organization wants to offer Ubi to non-admin users. 

By default Ubi requires admin privilege to run. But you can change it at UbiService->Settings and uncheck "Run As Admin" option.

Here are the pros and cons of running Ubi with and without admin privilege.

  With Admin Privilege (Default) Without Admin Privilege (Beta)
  • Slightly more responsive.
  • Touch events are always passed to the system.
  • Displays can be in extended mode if there are more than one display connected.
  • Non-admin user can use Ubi.
  • Can interact with any UI, including popup windows.
  • Supports Digitizer.
  • Doesn't require human intervention at start-up.
  • Require administrative privilege.
  • Require human intervention at start-up.
  • Cannot interact with system popup windows.
  • Doesn't support Digitizer.
  • Sometimes the system might not respond. Need to restart the computer or even reinstall Ubi.
  • Displays have to be duplicated if more than one display is connected.
  • Slightly less responsive.


Running Ubi without admin privilege is still in Beta as of now.

Please contact us if you have any problem or issue.


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