How to update Ubi to the latest version?

Ubi Support -

We release updates frequently to fix bugs and bring in more features. UbiService checks for update each time it starts and installs the update for you with your permission.

Note: if you are using Ubi 3.6 and below, please go to our setup page and download the latest update. Auto-update will not work with your Ubi.

If you would like to update manually, you can start UbiService from start screen and follow the steps described below. You do not need to uninstall your old installation.

1) Start UbiService.

2) Click "Update" to see what's new in the new update.

3) Click "Update Ubi" to start the installation.


If you think your Ubi is not up-to-date, or you have problem updating Ubi, you can always go to our setup page to download the latest Ubi.

Always contact if you have any issue regarding the update, or you are not sure if you have the latest Ubi.

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