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=== For Ubi 4.9 and above ====

Start UbiService 

Click Settings

 Choose Advanced Tab and click Start Ubi Configurator

Choose Partial Calibration

Under the slider that says "full screen calibration", choose "resizable" option. By default "Full Screen" option will be chosen.


When you start Ubi calibration window now, you will be able to resize the window. Ubi will be calibrate only in the area where the window is placed.


=========== For Ubi 3.2.1 and above ============

Update Ubi if you have not done it.

  1. Unplug sensor
  2. Open the %TEMP%\ubi\config\ubiEngineConfig.xml and set <Resizable>true</Resizable>
  3. Plug sensor back

Ubi window will become resizable and you can resize it to any size your want and drag it to anywhere you want. Ubi will calibrate the area that the window covers.


=== For Ubi 3.2.0 and below ===

Ubi supports screen up to 120 inches diagonal. If you cannot make your screen smaller, you can consider buying a projector from here: or try the manual calibration to calibrate part of the screen by following these steps:

Assuming you screen resolution is 1980x1080 and you would like to have the center of the screen calibrated (500x680) area as shown below.

  1. Unplug the sensor.
  2. Start UbiService and click “Settings”
  3. Check the “Manual Calibration” and click “Save”
  4. Open the %TEMP%\ubi\config\ubiEngineConfig.xml and edit it as below.








  1. Save the ubiEngineConfig.xml
  2. Plug in the sensor and you will be in manual calibration mode.
  3. You have to mark the area on the wall (for example using a post-it sticker) and click on the markers on the preview window as described here


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