How to make a recording of the Interaction with Kinect Studio

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This article explains how to record your interaction using the Kinect studio tool. This will be helpful if you are encountering an in issue in interaction that Ubi support team would like to recreate.

These instructions work only for Kinect for Windows v2.

Before you start, please make sure that your C drive at least 5 GB free. The recording are quite long as a minute of interaction can produce a recording that is about 1.5 GB. If you plan to have a recording that is even longer, make sure you have enough empty space.

How to record


1. Make sure you have Kinect Studio installed.  Download and install the Kinect for Windows v2 SDK from here.

2. Launch Ubi and calibrate as usual.

3. Once Ubi has finished calibrating, please go to windows start menu and type Kinect Studio.  Launch Studio by clicking the icon.

4. Click the connect icon, just below the preview pane on the left side.

5. Go to the record tab in the top menu of the studio.

6. Click the red "Record" button. Kinect studio has not started recording.

7. Perform interaction on the surface as usual. make sure you are performing the interaction that you have trouble with.

8. When you are finished interacting, go back to the PC and stop the recording, You can do it by clicking the "Stop Recording" button, which is at the same place as the "Record" button.

Stop Ubi now using the Ubi interaction menu.


How to get the recording files


1. In the studio app, click File->Settings . Find the folder path listed under "Recording File Path". Open Windows Explorer and go to this folder. You will see all your Studio recordings there. Copy the latest ( or the most relevant) recording and upload it to an ftp server. Please share the link with us.

2. Open Windows explorer and type this in the address bar %TEMP%/ubi . Copy  the UbiLog folder and zip it. Please send the zip file to us.

Please make sure that the log files and recording are for the same session. If you ever recalibrate during your session, contents of the UbiLog folder will change.


How to send the recording files to Ubi?

We recommend you use this third party tool



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