Point by Point Calibration

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Although most of the time Ubi can calibrate a projection screen automatically, you might want to manually calibrate Ubi. The reasons for using this calibration method could be any of the following

  • Ubi camera is having a hard time detecting the calibration pattern. Due to low contrast or lighting in the room, Ubi camera can struggle in detecting the pattern automatically.
  • The precision of automatic calibration can be affected by various factors and you may see an offset in the pointer position when you are interacting. 

Here are the steps to enable point by point calibration:

  1. Quit Ubi if it is running.
  2. Launch Advanced settings from Ubi Service. Ubi service can be launched by clicking on the Ubi icon in the system tray.
  3. Set calibration method to "Point by Point Calibration".
  4. Save and Close.
  5. Start Ubi
  6. Make sure your emitters are powered off.
  7. Adjust the camera so that the camera view can see the whole display.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. You will see a window as shown below.
  10. Using Ubi pen, click at the center of the cross hair on your projected display.
  11. When your click has been detected the cross hair will move on to the next point. If the click is not detected, make sure Ubi pen is charged and you are not blocking the pen from the camera view.
  12. Proceed until all points have been clicked and Ubi takes you to the IR preview.
  13. Use the IR preview to make sure points are being detected in all parts of the screen accurately.
  14. Click continue to start interacting.


Once you have enabled point calibration, you can choose to quit Ubi and select "skip calibrate" in "Advanced Settings". That way you will not be have to do calibration each time you want to use Ubi.




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