Ubi Advanced Settings

Kenny Raymond -

Advanced settings of Ubi are part of Ubi Service. To access Advanced settings, click Settings->Advanced Tab->Start Ubi Configurator.
We recommend you to use these settings, only if you are instructed so by our support team. 
Ubo Configurator will allow you to customize the following 
Choose various physical set ups here. This will help Ubi optimize your interaction experience based on your physical set up. For more details on each set up please visit the set up page
Choose whether Ubi should behave as a touch input, mouse cursor or stylus/digitizer when you are interacting with Ubi pen and/or finger.
Choose whether to show or hide Ubi menu.
Choose whether to invert the X coordinates. This should be used when camera is placed behind the display ( for e.g. when using rear projection). 
After making the changes, quit and restart Ubi Service.
Calibration Method


Choose which lens you have on your Ubi sensor - ultra short throw or long throw. This wil help Ubi pick the right settings for detecting interaction.

Choose if you want Ubi to work with multiple Ubi sensors at the same time.


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