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After calibration, Ubi minimizes to a draggable, floating menu. The floating menu features are described in detail below.


Annotation: Launch Freeboard annotation and whiteboard tools. With Freeboard, you can annotate on any document or website, write down your ideas on multiple page whiteboard, draw any shapes with any color, record a session, save and load a session and many more features.. Read more...

Web Whiteboard: Web-based whiteboard. Multiple people from multiple locations can work on a shared whiteboard through any browser and any devices. Read more...

Ubi Hub: Connect other Windows devices to the interactive display. The screen from other devices will show up on the interactive display and you will be able to interact with it. Read more...

Help: Bring you to here. The support forum.

Check Setup: Go back to setup process to check camera position and emitter alignment.

Quit Ubi: Exits the Ubi application and turns off interactivity.

---- Discontinued ----

Doc Camera: Work with any document camera. It allows you to annotate directly on the camera feed. Read more here. (Discontinued on Ubi 5.7) Please contact Ubi support if you need this feature.



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