In Air Gesture Mode

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Please see the updated post here: In Air Gesture Mode Best Practise


When connected to a Kinect V2 sensor, Ubi offers two modes of interaction: touch and in-air gesture.

In-air gesture mode allows you to interact with Ubi using pre-defined air gestures (see image below). You can display content on a PC screen, a LCD display or a projected surface and control it using in-air gestures. The interaction zone is a physical space that spans slightly to the left side of the body to the right side and from the head to slightly above the hips. The sensor should be placed 1-3m in front of the user. Ideally, your entire body should be visible to the sensor. In air gesture mode supports up to two users (4 hands) simultaneously.

In touch mode, you can interact with the display as if it were a touch screen using your hand. The interaction zone is a few inches from the surface. The sensor can be placed anywhere as long as your hand is visible to the sensor.


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