Ubi 2.5 Release Notes

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Release Notes - Ubi - Version 2.5

** New in Version 2.5

  • Plug-in-Play feature gets you interacting faster.  For permanent setups, simply plug the Kinect into the PC and start interacting with Ubi.  If you want to turn interaction off, unplug the Kinect from the PC.
  • Software update management is now controlled by the administrator/user.  You can choose to update to any version of Ubi when you are ready to update or automatically when a new update is available.


** Known issues

  • Shiny objects such as a shiny bracelet or watch may cause ghost pointers when using Pen with Xbox sensor on a very reflective projection surface (like a white board).
  • The tilting function might fail due a bug in Kinect for Windows SDK. 
  • Unplug and replug the sensor if you want to use the tilting function.
  • Noise might occur on the left boundary of the screen. Restart Ubi if there are ghost pointers occur.
  • There is a small delay after clicking mode switch before it is interactive.
  • Click "Ok" during delay or right after calibration will cause application to crash.
  • Switching mode from pen will cause ghost pointers during the delay time. 


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