Installing Ubi's Software

Ubi Support -

This is a quick start guide for installing Ubi's software. For detailed descriptions and instructions, please refer to the attached pdf. For a first time user, a tutorial will be provided during installation of Ubi that guides the user through the setup process:

  1. Install Ubi
  2. Type in the activation code (received via email) when you run Ubi for the first time.
  3. Power up the Kinect sensor and connect it to a Windows 8 PC.
  4. Connect any projector to the PC.
  5. Position the Kinect to see the WHOLE projected display.
  6. Click the “Calibrate” button on and the system will calibrate automatically.
  7. You can interact with the projection display as though it is a touch screen. Depending on the mode, use your whole hand or the Ubi pen to interact with the display. Make sure that your body does not occlude the hand or pen movement from the view of the Kinect sensor.
  8. Unplug Kinect or quit Ubi when you are finished using it.
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