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You can make an impressive interactive presentation immediately. You just have to simply swipe left and right to navigate back and forth with your slides. Even more, you can use zoom in and zoom out to see all slides and jump between slides. You can zoom in each of the slide to see details of the data/picture on each slide.


One of the important things to note when using PowerPoint with Ubi is to turn off Presenter view. In this view, PowerPoint automatically extends the screens ( instead of duplicating) causing Ubi to prompt a "display resolution changed error". All you have to do is to turn off presenter view. Please see the mage below.





Once you have turned off the Presenter View, make sure you duplicate your screens ( Windows + P keys will take you to the screen to duplicate displays)  and restart Ubi. Next time you use PowerPoint, it will remember your settings.


Note: Please see this official guide on touch gestures you can use with PowerPoint - Office Touch Guide



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