How to upgrade to a new edition of Ubi

Prosper Van -

Upgrading from one package to another is very simple. All you need to do is to get a new software key. There is no need to upgrade the hardware. 

These instructions will work if have a trial edition and want to upgrade or a non-enterprise edition and want to upgrade to a better edition. These instructions assume you already have Ubi installed on your machine.

1) Receive a new key from our sales team. If you bought Ubi and are want to upgrade, you will only need to pay the difference. To do this please fill out this form:

2) Once you receive a new key, open Ubi Service from the system tray.

3) Click the Upgrade button.

4) Enter a your new key and click "Upgrade" 


 5) Your Ubi software will now be upgraded. If you are upgrading from a Trial version it will continue to show up as a trial until it expires.




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