How to enable/disable right clicking

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Sometimes you might see a little rectangle window show up when you press and hold. That is Windows "Press and Hold" gesture and it is equivalent to "Mouse Right Click".

Depending on your application you may want to disable right click. This wills show you how to navigate through windows settings to achieve that.

1) From the "Start" screen search for "Pen and Touch" setting (Note: if you do not have a touch-screen laptop, you need to start Ubi so that you can find the "Pen and Touch" setting)



2) A window will appear. Click the row with "Right-click" and click "Settings" or just double click it.



3) A new window will appear. Uncheck the box labeled "Enable press and hold for right-clicking" and click ok.


 3.b) In some cases if you dont want to disable the right click completely, you can also extend the time required to trigger the right click.

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