Where do I place the Kinect to achieve a specific screen size?

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The maximum screen size is determined by what the Kinect camera can 'see'. Thus, the farther the Kinect the larger the screen can be.

The tables below provide a rough estimation of the distance between the Kinect and the projected display, using a screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Results may be different depending on your setup.

Kinect for Windows Version 2 and Kinect for Xbox One sensor

Modes Supported Kinect Distance Max Screen Size
All modes 30 inches 36 inches
All modes 35 inches 45 inches
All modes 40 inches 53 inches
All modes 45 inches 61 inches
All modes 50 inches 69 inches
All modes 55 inches 76 inches
All modes 60 inches 83 inches
All modes 65 inches 90 inches
All modes 70 inches 96 inches
All modes 75 inches 103 inches
All modes 80 inches 108 inches
All modes (Beta) 85 inches 113 inches
All modes (Beta) 90 inches 118 inches
All modes (Beta) 95 inches 123 inches
All modes (Beta) 100 inches 127 inches
All modes (Beta) 105 inches 131 inches
All modes (Beta) 110 inches 135 inches
All modes (Beta) 115 inches 139 inches
All modes (Beta) 120 inches 142 inches

Please contact us support@ubi-interactive.com if you want to turn on the "Beta" features.

If you would like to use screens larger than 142 inches, please use the "In-Air" gesture mode, which can support displays with any size.


Kinect XBox 360 and Kinect for Windows V1

Modes Supported Kinect Distance Max Screen Size
'Operational' Distances
Hand/Pen 30 inches 40.5 inches
Hand/Pen 40 inches 50 inches
Hand/Pen 50 inches 59.5 inches
Hand/Pen 60 inches 69 inches
Hand/Pen 70 inches 78.5 inches
Hand/Pen 80 inches 88 inches
'Extreme' Distances
Pen 90 inches 97.5 inches
Pen 100 inches 107 inches
Pen 110 inches 116.5 inches
Pen 120 inches 126 inches

Please contact us support@ubi-interactive.com if you have any special requirement on the size of the display.

In this post, you can find more information about where to place the Kinect sensor to get the best experience.



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