Ubi 2.4 Release Notes

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** New in Version 2.4
Simplified interaction modes:  Interact using your hand or pen within Ubi's operational range (the Kinect is placed 30 to 85 inches from the projected display). Finger, Near and Far modes have been removed.
Ubi Pen support for Kinect for Xbox sensor.
Users can transfer the license up to 5 times.
Context-based help content integrated into the Ubi application.
Ubi now checks your environment and if your setup has not changed, Ubi runs through the calibration process without requiring user input.  
Simplified UI design.
New tutorial.

** Bug Fixes and Improvements
The following bugs have been fixed in Version 2.3:
Precision and accuracy improvements. 

** Known issues
Shiny objects such as a shiny bracelet or watch may cause ghost pointers when using Pen with Xbox sensor on a very reflective projection surface (like a white board).
The tilting function might fail due a bug in Kinect for Windows SDK. Unplug and replug the sensor if you want to use the tilting function.
Noise might occur on the left boundary of the screen. Restart Ubi if there are ghost pointers occur.
Switching the modes too fast might caused Ubi to crash or recalibration to fail.
There is a delay after clicking mode switch before it is interactive.
Switching mode from pen will cause ghost pointers during the delay time.

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