How to Interact with Ubi

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1. Calibration

When you launch Ubi for the first time, Ubi will prompt you to start the calibration process (which lasts a few seconds).  You will see the Kinect Camera View screen (see below) where you must fit the whole projected display in the preview window.

After Ubi has successfully calibrated, Ubi will calibrate automatically if your setup has not changed (i.e. the Kinect has not been moved).  If your setup has changed, Ubi will prompt you to start the calibration process.

Please refer Customizing Ubi if you are using plasma TV or other glass-like surface. 


2. The Interaction Zone

Ubi works like a touch screen but slightly different. There is an “interaction zone” a few inches from the projection surface.


3. How to Interact with Ubi

When using Ubi with the Kinect v1 or Xbox sensor, interact with your entire hand. If you are using the Kinect v2 sensor, use only one finger to interact. You can interact with the projected display using the simple touch screen gestures you already know: tap, swipe, and zoom.

Make sure that the Kinect can see your hand or the Ubi pen.

In pen mode, be sure to place the pen at an angle to the surface so that the pen's tip is visible to the Kinect.

You can create a projected display up to 110 inches diagonally and interact with your hand or pen within Ubi’s operational range (see below).  You can switch between hand and pen mode in the Ubi application.

Be sure to go through our Interaction Tutorial located in the Ubi application (click the “?” icon in the Ubi app). We also recommend that you to download the Multi touch Test application and try it out.

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