Verify if your computer can run Ubi with the Kinect V2 sensor

Ubi Support -

If you are trying to run Ubi with Kinect v2 sensor, we recommend you to use the "Kinect Configuration Verifier" application to verify your computer first. 

Here are the steps to run "Kinect Configuration Verifier"

1. Download and install Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 (Note: you should have this SDK installed if you have already installed Ubi).

2. Press "Windows + C" to bring up the charmbar on the right.

3. Click "Search."

4. Type "SDK" and you should see the "SDK Browser v2.0" show up.

5. Click the "SDK Browser v2.0" to launch the SDK samples.

6. Select "Kinect Configuration Verifier" and click "Run." 

You should see the verification result in a few seconds. Connect your V2 sensor to the computer if you have not done so. 



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