In Air Gesture Mode: Best Practices

Avanti -

Guidelines for an Optimal Physical Setup

What content works best with gesture mode?

If you are very deliberate with your gestures and have an optimal physical setup, any Windows 8 app should work fine.  Interaction elements which are at least the following sizes will ensure 100% reliability.

Interaction Guidelines

In order to be able to interact with Ubi, you must "engage" with the system to activate in air gestures.

The physical interaction zone is defined below.  Ubi detects up to 8 users as long as they are in front of the user; however, not everyone's interaction is tracked.  When Ubi starts, it tracks the interaction of the first two users.  As long as they stay within the sensor's view, they are still tracked even if they are no longer the closest users.  When a tracked user disappears from the sensor's view, the next closest user gets tracked.

Ubi currently supports the following gestures:

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