How to get event logs.

Prosper Van -

When Ubi crashes like so, there's very little we can do without the event log.

The event logs can help tell us why the application is crashing so that we can fix it. There are many ways to cause any program to crash and it's difficult to catch them all. Please help us and send these event log to us when Ubi crashes.

  1. Once you experience Ubi crash. Open up the startmenu and type "event logs".
  2. Click the arrow next to "Windows Logs" and click on "Application".
  3. Select the items in which the crash occurred. To select multiple items, click on the first item, then while holding the "Shift key" click the last item. Note: If you are unsure of the time select a wider range of items, however do NOT select the entire log file.
  4. Right click and click "Save Selected Events"
  5. Save the file to a known locate such as your desktop with your name and date.
  6. If it appears, be sure to set the language.
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