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Release Notes - Ubi - Version 2.7

** New in Version 2.7

  • Ubi now supports the Kinect for Windows V2 sensor. Ubi auto detects which sensor you are using. 
  • Ubi has two modes of interaction: touch and in-air gesture. In touch mode, you can touch the projected display with your hand or the Ubi pen. In-air gesture mode allows you to interact with any display (LCD, PC Screen, Projected Display) by making specific movements with your hand in front of the Kinect sensor. 
  • After calibration, Ubi now minimizes to a movable, interaction menu that allows you to easily switch between hand and pen modes, enables touch and mouse mode, and turns interaction on/off.
  • A new visual feedback mechanism indicates when your interactions are successful.
  • Ubi Service can be accessed through the system tray where you will be able to transfer your license, upgrade your edition or customize Ubi for special setups.

** Known issues

  • Shiny objects such as a shiny bracelet or watch may cause ghost pointers when using Pen with Xbox sensor on a very reflective projection surface (like a white board).
  • The tilting function might fail due to a bug in Kinect for Windows SDK. Unplug and replug the sensor if you want to use the tilting function.
  • Noise might occur on the left boundary of the screen. Restart Ubi if ghost pointers are present.
  • Sunlight can interfere with the 1st generation Kinect.
  • Running without admin mode, interaction will not work with floating menu and with certain windows on.
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