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Ubi FreeBoard is a full-fledged education and productivity software suite. It includes features such as multiple-page whiteboard, on-screen annotation, desktop recording, shape recognition, load local contents and many other useful basic tools. Each session can be saved and reload, so you can continue from where you left. It works seamlessly with other Microsoft product – any contents created on Ubi Freeboard can be embedded into PowerPoint or Office.

Two Operation Modes

Ubi FreeBoard has two operation modes: Desktop Mode and Whiteboard Mode. In Desktop Mode, you will be able to annotate on any content as overlay. In Whiteboard Mode, you will write down your notes on whiteboard, create multiple pages. You can switch between these two modes easily. Below are the detail explanation on how to use these two modes.

Desktop Mode

Once you start Ubi Freeboard, you will be in Desktop mode by default. There will be a floating menu at the bottom right of the screen. See pictures below. This floating menu can be dragged to anywhere on the screen.





Switch to Whiteboard Mode

Click  at the top right corner of the floating menu to enter Whiteboard mode, please go to page xx to see the details of Whiteboard mode.


Create Annotation – Free Drawing

Annotation menu provide the basic scribing function. You can choose stroke size, color, thickness, style. One nice feature you can turn on is the smart shape recognition (the last button). Smart shape recognition will recognize your handwritings and convert them to regular shapes, such as triangle, circle, ellipse, square, rectangular, diamond and polygon.



Create Annotation – Shapes and Color Fill

Shape and color fill is a very useful tool. You can create line, shapes easily and fill them with colors by just a few clicks.



Erasing Annoation

Eraser menu allows you to erase the annotations you already made on the screen. You can choose size of the eraser. You can also select the strokes you want to erase by dragging mouse around them. You can also erase one stroke at a time. Last but not least, you can erase all by using the  the clean all strokes. If you cleaned anything by accident, don’t worry, you can use the undo button  to recover.


Editing Annotation

Yes you can edition an annotation after it is created. To do that, first you need to select the annotation by clicking on it. Then you will see menus around the object as shown below.


The properties button will bring up the property window of the annotation. You can change the properties of the annotation.


Whiteboard Annotation:

Window Mode

When you are in window mode, there will be a side menu and a bottom menu docked at the side and bottom of the screen. You can work on the canvas.



Full-screen Mode

When you are in full screen mode. The side menu and bottom menu will consolidate as a floating menu as you saw earlier in desktop mode.



Switch back to Desktop Mode

In order to go back to the Desktop Mode, click on the green desktop icon  at the bottom menu or floating menu.


Unlimited Canvas and Multiple Pages

The whiteboard canvas doesn’t have a limit. If you use up all the spaces on the canvas, you can select the icon and pan the canvas and start drawing on the same page.


If you need to create multiple pages, you can do so by using the add, save, navigate back and forth or delete a page button as highlighted below.


If you have multiple pages, there will be thumbnails of the pages on the side menu. You can click on the thumbnail to jump to that page.


Spotlight/ Screen Curtain / Magnifier / Screen Recording

You can take a screenshot of what you wrote down or you can even record the sequences how your idea was generated. Click the snapshot button or the screen recording button to start using these features.


Save and Load session

You can save or open a session by switching to whiteboard mode and select File->Save or File->Open


Quite Session

You can quit Freeboard by switching to whiteboard mode and click the x on the top right corner of the screen. Be sure to save your session if you wish to load them back later.


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