What mount do I need for Ubi ?

Ubi Support -


We have three Ubi mounts currently available. Please choose one that works with your projector or TV.


1. Integrated mount:


Integrated mount has an arm that includes the sensor camera and a base unit that can include the touch emitter. This mount is recommended if you are creating a whiteboard or wall projection using a regular projector (Throw ratio > 1).

If you are using an ultra short throw projector, we do not recommend this. The projector may be too close to the wall and hit the tip of the arm. 


2. Mount for projectors:



This helps you attach the sensor camera to your projector. This is recommended for the following scenarios.

- if you use a short throw projector (throw ratio > 0.5) to create a projection on whiteboard or wall. We do not recommend this, if you are using a regular projector. The reason is that placing sensor beyond the recommended distance reduces precision.

- if you are creating a rear projection set up and table top set up. If you are using tabletop, please let us know how far you would like to place the sensor.


3. A mount for TV screens (pen only interaction):


This mount includes only Ubi sensor camera and no emitter. That means you can interact only with a pen and not with fingers.

Please tell us which option works for you better by emailing us at sales@ubi-interactive.com. If you are not sure, please email us anyway and we will help you.

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