What is in the Ubi Touch Kit Box?

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Ubi Touch Kit comes with the following.


Captures the user interaction and transmits to the computer via a USB cable


Long Mount + Base

Can be used for mounting the camera on the wall or ceiling. It comes with a rotatable tip where the camera can be screwed in. Screws are provided for mounting it insert picture here


USB Cable

Connects camera to the PC. It is 12m or 40′ long.

Ubi Touch Emitter

Creates a laser pattern on the display surface, so that when the finger is touching the surface the camera can detect it 

Power Cable for Emitter

Connects the emitter to a power outlet. If you are not from the US, you may need a pin adapter to connect to your country’s power outlet. You will not need any transformer 

Short Mount

Can be used to attach the camera to the projector. It comes with a double-sided squarish adhesive. Use this to paste the base of the mount on the projector 

Ubi Pen 

Ubi pen comes with an Infrared LED enabled tip that gets activated when you press the tip. The camera can track Ubi pen even when emitter is not on/present. When emitter is connected and on, you can switch between finger interaction and pen interaction seamlessly

USB charging cable for Ubi Pen

Ubi pen does not require a battery. It can be charged with the provided cable. You need to charge the pen before using. For a two hour usage, you need to charge the pen for about 30 seconds


A wand is an extendable stick with a white tip. It can stand in for your finger especially when some part of the display cannot be reached with your finger. It does not require charging or batteries

Calibration Markers

Each package has two white dots that need to be used for emitter alignment and calibration. Put one dot on either side 1-2 inches below the top and/left of the display

Adhesive tape and screws for emitter

Each emitter comes with a long strip of double-sided tape attached on its back. This tape is used to hold emitter in its place while you are aligning the emitter on the display surface. More about it here.  Once you have found a perfect alignment, you should use the screws to fix the emitter permanently

Wedging paper 


When aligning emitter you may have to tilt the emitter slightly towards the display or away from the display surface. To make it easier, we have provided a small piece of a paper strip that can be used as a wedge. In baggie with Emitter tape roll

Transparent wall protection

If you are setting up emitter temporarily on the wall, you may just want to keep the double sided tape and skip the screwing altogether. In that case, in order to avoid any damage to the wall from the strong tape, we recommend you to use a protection tape. The protection tape comes as several strips on an A-4 sheet of paper. You first apply this as base layer on the wall and then use the double sided tape to paste the emitter on top of it


Mount screws 

In the baggies. Use on the mounts and emitter

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